Blocked Drains in Ashfield

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We offer full plumbing services in Ashfield and surrounding areas.

We are nearby and ready to help with:

  • Overflows and flooding
  • Blocked sinks, toilets and showersDrain odour
  • Outdoor flooded areas
  • Tree root growth in pipes
  • Removal of jewellery and other items from pipes

Our experienced Blocked Drains can handle any job – nothing is too big or small

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Ashfield is a suburb of Sydney’s inner west located approximately nine kilometres away from the centre of the Sydney CBD. Ashfield is known for being one of Sydney’s multicultural centres. Out of a population of around 22,189 more than sixty percent of these Ashfield residents were born overseas, with around fifteen percent being born in China and almost 70% of the population with parents that were born overseas. As a result of this diversity Ashfield has an abundance of restaurants offering a range of different cuisines.

Ashfield is a high density suburb, with a much higher ratio of apartments to houses as compared to the rest of the nation. As a result Ashfield has a thriving commercial district along Liverpool Road which includes a shopping centre, many small retail outlets and various restaurants and eateries.

Ashfield wasn’t always such a high density area, and there are many Federation era and Victorian houses that attest to Ashfield’s cultural tradition. The Ashfield Council even offers guides to heritage walks around Ashfield to highlight the historical culture of the area.

The original indigenous inhabitants of Ashfield were the Wangal people.

If you are looking for help with Inner West Blocked Drains outside of Ashfield, don’t worry, we service all other Inner West areas as well.