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Blocked Pipe Flood

Don’t be embarrassed, it happens… and it could be worse, the flood could have been inside!!! Don’t worry, we are the Blocked Drain Experts and can have your pipe system working properly. With one phone call we can help you manage the blocked drain, minimize damage to the surrounding properties and quickly and efficiently clear and repair the blockage. 24/7.

Common Causes:

  • Tree roots
  • Collapsed pip
  • Foreign objec
  • Rodents nes
  • Temporary blockag
  • System overloa
  • Collapsed pip

D.I.Y. Solution: Call us now and then make sure no other taps, toilets or sinks are being used. Also turn off the dishwasher and washing machine as they may send a high volume of water into the pipe system causing even more waste. The Mr Washer operator will be able to assist until one of our nearby technicians arrive. 24/7.

Call the Blocked Drain Experts now: 1300 137 211

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