Plumber Sydney Overflow flood

Blocked Toilet and Overflow

If its going to happen, it will happen when you are running late, have a house full of guests or just before you go to bed. But don’t despair. Help is on the way 24/7. As soon as you call, we can help you manage the situation, minimise damage and resolve the problem.

Common Causes:

  • Foreign object in pipe
  • Sludge build up
  • Temporary blockage
  • System overload
  • Collapsed pipe
  • Rodent nest

D.I.Y. Solution: the best solution is to call us immediately and then ensure no other taps or sinks are being used. Be sure to turn off the dishwasher and washing machine as they may send a high volume of water into the pipe system which can quickly turn a small overflow into a massive disaster. The Mr Washer operator will be able to assist over the phone or put you in contact with one of our nearby technicians. 24/7.

Call the Blocked Drain Experts now: 1300 137 211

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