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Cleaning Drains and Drain Cleaner

Are you repeatedly grabbing the plunger? Spending a fortune on chemical drain cleaner?

Mr Washer Drain Cleaning has saved Sydney households thousands of $$$ and prevented major drain blockages and flooding.

Needing a professional drain clean is very common as the average Sydney households put a lot more than just water down the drain. Hair, soap, food and the occasional engagement ring can find their way into your pipes and require drain cleaner.

People often only think about a drain cleaner when they notice slow drainage speed, or a bad odour. The immediate reaction is to buy a drain cleaner product or grab the plunger. Drain cleaner products and plungers often only a temporary solution. These drain cleaner products can cause more problems by moving the blockage deeper into the pipe network, where the blockage continues to cause problems.

Having the right tools and experience means Mr Washer can drain clean quickly and efficiently. In most cases you can have your sink or basin professionally drain cleaned in under an hour. Mr Washer is the right plumber to call when you need a professional drain cleaner.

Stop wasting your money and time by drain cleaning yourself. Using harsh chemical drain cleaner products is also causing significant environmental damage.

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