Sydney Plumber Drain Odour

Drain and Pipe Odour & Smell

The mystery drain odour can be caused by many factors, and an experienced plumber can easily find and resolve the source of the problem. The best approach is to think of the odour as a blessing, as it could be a warning sign of potential future pipe trouble. But don’t be alarmed, it could just be a build up of sludge that needs a simple clean.

Common Causes:

  • Blocked Vent
  • Evaporated ‘P’trap pipe
  • Sludge blockage
  • Pipe residue
  • Bacterial pipe growth

D.I.Y. Solution: The hardest part of diagnosing the problem is finding the source. If it is a simple sludge or residue problem, pouring 2 x tablespoons of Bicarbonate soda followed by 1 litre of hot water, may help to clean the pipe. If the odour remains, you may need a professional plumber to clear and clean the blockage or make a slight modification to the pipe to create an ‘odour trap’. In most cases, this is a relatively simple process.

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