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Fix a Leaking Toilet Sydney

Lots of things can go wrong with the common toilet, but fortunately we have been fixing them since 1884, so trust us, we have seen it all before. Its important not to ignore a minor toilet problem, something as simple as a faulty flush or a slow drain speed can be a valuable warning sign, or could be wasting water and costing you money.

  • Slow drain / blockages
  • Faulty flush buttons
  • Water saving installation
  • Cracked or damaged toilets
  • Constant refill / overflows
  • Noisy pipes
  • Renovations

Our Sydney Plumbers are nearby and have fully stocked vehicles with parts for all major toilet brands. this means in most cases we can repair your toilet straight away, saving both time and money.

Call the Recommended Sydney Plumber now: 1300 039 226

Mr Washer are the sydney plumbers to call when you need any toilet plumbing work completed professionally and with a 100% workmanship guarantee.

Installing a new toilet cistern, dual flush or need the bowl reset to the floor? We are nearby and ready to help.

Call Mr Washer today on 1300 039 226

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