Sydney Plumber Blocked Sewer Roots

Roots Sewer, Tree Root in Sewer and Pipes

If you suspect a blocked drain caused by tree roots … don’t despair, you can keep your trees, clear the blockage and prevent future blockages. Diagnosing the blockage using the latest pipe camera equipment is the first step and allows for pinpoint accuracy regarding the type and location of the blockage/s. With our expert experience we can quickly, easily and efficiently remove the offending tree roots, and provide accurate advice to prevent future blockages.

Common Causes:

  • Root creep at join
  • Collapsed pipe
  • Brittle terracotta pipe
  • Birt sump
  • Hairline pipe crack

D.I.Y. Solution: If you consider yourself handy, using a drain eel (Approx cost $100 per day available for hire from various companies) may help to clear the blockage. However, we recommend caution as you may end up causing further damage to already brittle pipes, or jam the eel into a collapsed pipe.

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